Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OCT old man night

Andy learned front hurricanes to fakie before the crowd arrived
Ft. Collins legend Marcus, with Dave Fuller & Andy

Brian Ball Blunts

 Mike with the most powerful carve grinds of the night

Dave Fuller slides it to fakie all the way through the corner

Fuzz with a long tailslide

new face - Kyle coming in 180 off a blunt
Sean Kelly abusing the lip

biggest surprise of the night was seeing ALLAN JOHN!!!

I added a prized LUNGFISH sticker above Lee

John Brandow gets a back Smith

stealing Jason's flash to highly illuminate Andy's oververt grinder

Allan cess slide on the oververt

this sled was a fun ride

Paul's version of the sweeper


Sivan back lipslide
roth roll #1  he had new shoes after all

roth roll #2

roth roll #4

no doubt about it... he has big balls

roth roll #4

I left before he made this...I assuming he made it

this was a punch out to tail! nailed it.. session went on til nearly midnight...
until NOV 21st....  Thanksgiving is NOV 28th from what I see....

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