Friday, October 11, 2013

Ft. Collins fills in

my 1st time seeing legendary skate rockers, Agent Orange

formed in 1979, legend status by '85, these guys were in all the early skate vids

wish I would have known they had copies 12 years ago

Conscience helping out with moral support @ FNB cook house

on the prowl at the FNB serving in Jefferson Park - noon Sundays

you have to know that I LOVE brown cords by now

gathered the COUSINS for dinner at Tasty Harmony
Erin had her 1st vegan Caesar Salad & loved it.

Matt got adventurous & took my rec for the BBQ jackfruit sando
Matt was the 1st to finish with a happy plate !
taught the relatives FARKLE
Jon Collyer - 35th's finest - tight feeb

Marcus was there !

Jon took Adam & I over to the wallride spot

I love it when I skate with someone new & we have similar trick selection
radical bike lane art on Remington

I agree CAB. why bother with the paint on trucks?
Rudy & Piper live at the FNB cook house
Rudy's close up....

Karen helped me pick out some snacks

 an outrageous sunrise one morning on the way to BEAN CYCLE

had a hankering for noodles one night - Heidi & I have been going to Thai Pepper since the 90's

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