Wednesday, October 9, 2013


the press release
When I was trying to fall asleep in the van en route from Anchorage to Homer, I had an idea. It stimulated me to the point of creating a new band and booking a NW tour that same night.
this is the pullout where we had our 1st practice
1st real show was in Homer, Alaska, and this eagle was the only attendee.

2nd show was the 2nd best show of the tour

We rocked the world famous SIGN POST FOREST in Watson Lake, Yukon
3rd show at the tourist info center in Pemberton BC

4th show under a bridge in Ravenna Park - Seattle

5th show at Leeside in Vancouver - nobody showed

but the acoustics were insane
6th & final show was with Mi'ens at Lanalou's in Vancouver as part of Shoutback Fest
We planned to play in Portland & I thought it was going to go down at FOOD FIGHT FEST but the whole band was exhausted after putting on the curb event - so we just let it lie and left town the next day.

Betty Quick was out of town, so we didn't even go to Eugene. And for the record we never played an IDA song... all HATED tunes. And even though we jipped OREGON out of two shows, we ended up picking up shows in Alaska & the Yukon, plus an extra show in Vancouver. Looking at it that way it was a highly successful tour. So let's just look at it that way. Thanks to all the fans that attended the shows. & a BIG THANKS to Patricia for the photo at Lanalou's! ! ! And I have to thank Miss Kim for letting us on their bill!

Where was the best show of the tour? Lanalou's because some of my pals were there.

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