Monday, October 21, 2013

beauty & the beast

put together an epic movie night @ LAUNCH
Andy goes over the upcoming events before we got started

a cheery crowd was on hand to witness the shred
then the lights went down......
Brian Anderson ollies out to bsts at Ketchum, ID.

Cardiel took his bike to Europe!

Julien Stranger ollies up to back lip @ Glenhaven in PDX.

Mike Carroll blasts Japan over the hip @ Waldport, OR.

Peabody alley oop ollie up to sideways D in Malmo, Sweden.

Rick McCrank vs Frank Gerwer dance off

Spike Jonze watches TNT get a grinder

Who is this at the Train Banks in Sweden?

good times with the gang tubing down a NW river

Rickk brought some flops

Sam, Cards, & Max in the drink

meet innovation!
....we're taking suggestions for the NOVEMBER movie night....
...should have it figured out in the next few days...

BIG THANKS to AntiHero, SPITFIRE, & Vans for the giveaways!

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