Thursday, October 10, 2013

tee trade

Jeffrey in his crib next to some of his hallowed wood.
 Before I left San Diego this year I was hanging with Jeffrey quite a bit. We'd play dominos, go skate, or eat at POKEZ. I had an IDEA last year to do "tee trade" with my buddies along the road. I have a shirt you want, & you have a shirt I want. Let's trade. Never made it a reality until I went to give Jeffrey a Thrasher shirt before I left. He offered to give a shirt in return & I was stoked. He dug around in his room for 15 minutes or so and I was really curious to see what he was going to bring out as an offering. Turns out it was a hand printed TELEGRAPH tee given to him by our mutual buddy Brian Lotti. It was that easy....I accepted and the trade was complete. Didn't think about the trade until I was in Salt Lake wearing the Telegraph tee. I pulled this screenshot from some video I was shooting and realized I should share the story, so here we are.

 ATTN BUDS - If I have a shirt that you want, offer me a trade. 

It may sound corny, but I like wearing Jeffrey's tee. It makes me think of him and Lotti and all the radness that they both collectively represent. I can't speak for Jeffrey, but I can only hope that when he wears his THRASHER tee, he thinks about our friendship with fondness.
me flailing in SLC trying to get clips

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