Thursday, October 3, 2013


a little under 4 hours from Tom's - we had Valley View Hot Springs in our sites

we checked in then mellowed out on the Oak House porch

that's the view
after soaking we prepared some dinner

we befriended RILEY
caught the sunset
Meredith was victorious in the farkle tournament

up fairly early for a hike to the top pools
new signage - humping frowned upon
this is the source pool - fairly hot on a cool morning

Meredith was stoked

great views out over the valley

enjoying a little sun in top pool #2

cover em up for the photo, MEREDITH!

and that's why they call it Valley View

maybe that's a bit better shot of the valley....

pool #2 has decent shade from the tree on the far side

top pool #3 really has the most unobstructed view of the valley

what guns?

rocky paths, bare feet = cautious steps
the aptly named MEADOW pool

maxing the relaxing
I normally enjoy the WATERFALL pool the best, but some water snakes scared us out

but not before Meredith got her turn under the falls
party pool action

soothing, but I now realize I really need to work on my form
took a different route back to Denver - and that was it. Meredith was gone.
I think she had a fun excursion. It's really tough to go wrong at Valley View.

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