Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I was there

when Meredith & Tom finally met

long lost relatives of the mccracken or maccracken clan

Tom's youngest daughter was getting married in a few days

Tom's oldest daughter made all these scrumptious vegan appetizers

Meredith met the 90 year grandmother via facetime

we sat by the fire

lasting bonds were formed

Tom is no slouch behind the camera
I brought my mug, Meredith brought hers & the tea

remedying a little sunflower seed problem

out to the Mercury Cafe for breakfast

mine & hers
 We went to Piper's community yoga class at the new yoga collective space  - closer to Nooch than to the Mercury. There was a child and two dogs in the class that acted as aids in trying to remain focused.
We hung @ NOOCH and got the PO BOY wafflewich from Waffleganger
stopped by BEET BOX for a donut

and left them 24lbs of flour we acquired on our walk
and then I abandoned Meredith for ROCK N ROLL

Watercourse the following morning for BREAKFAST

Meredith trying to capture me capturing the moment
stopped over at RORI's where MILO was introduced

Rori made us some tea
Hannah stopped by
We chilled with neighborhood icon, MICHAEL, on his chairs
the best for last - Meredith shows the hot chicks what's up
then it was time to get ready for the main event

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