Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Slappy Slalom

put in another hour or so on the LAUNCH bank to curb

ready for transport

crammed her in BLUEBIRD

drove to Denver & unloaded at the slalom site

Tim tests out Chris Mearkle's rainbow

Jimbo blasts off the other Mearkle creation

event masterminds and husband &

wife - on the same street, both painting curbs

will the Rosie bowl be renamed the disco bowl?

Jon in the warehouse

Sunday was game day
Ric & Mearkle put the finishing touches on the bank to CURB

Mearkle runs the finished course

now he's prepped & ready to announce
chaos ensued

the lineup got thicker & thicker

the double stack was a formidable obstacle

Ft. Collins local Tsedeq Baker pays the $1 REGISTRATION FEE

Xavier grinds off and into the bank
not a problem for  the prowess of JIMBO's backside attack

Ric - over the rainbow
Charlie - the local NHS rep - skated hard all day

EMAG on the scene - as Ric was off stage right
Andy Weiss & Tim Mott

Blaine Davies got some!

Carleigh Samson won the ladies slappy challenge

there were a few collisions

Dave Fuller - slappy krooks

eMag slaps through the chaos

this guy nailed the frontside slap on the double stack

casual brewski slap via JIMBO

Neil Thurman kicked a foot off 2 seconds after I snapped this

Noah - slappy feeble

Sean Kelly - all smiles while Dave Fuller pivots

a few slams

Taylor Dehart no complies over the volcano

Tsedeq Baker was full speed ahead all day
Wrex Cook showed up at the end of the day & blunted off the end

Xavier - front boards the double stack
Ashley & Chet

Mike Erickson wallride

mini trucking

Hayden off the end

Mike Marks noseslid the whole thing from flat

Parris was the DJ for the day

Peyton Elrod spine transfer
Fuzz laid down serious urethane in his quest for longest powerslide

Hayden & eMag slip sliding

Simon gave it a go

Finally the outside events ended with a streetplant session. NEIL sadplant! p: ron bureta
thanks to the sponsors and tim's custom poured curb trophies
Fuzz walked away with 3rd
Chase Lustick repeated his victory - the CHAMP

then he was handed the pot of gold! ! !
1 Chase Lustick
2 Cameron Lawrence
3 Jeremy Frankovis
4 Neil Thurman
5 Edward

Tsedeq Baker was MVP all day
Carleigh Samson won the ladies SLAPPY CHALLENGE

speedy recovery to Russell Foisy who broke his leg&dislocated his ankle in the longest powerslide segment

Matix - Name in Blood - Null - 303 Boards - Indy - Gullwing - DeckCRAFTERs - Cock Fight 
 Welcome - Foundation Super Co. - Lurkville - Conspiracy - Coalatree - Launch

here's hoping we can wrangle a taco truck for next year !

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