Wednesday, November 6, 2013


rolled back through Great Bend for a week - MAX BONDING

the free watermelon from Howegrown KANSAS wasn't too bad

Meowzers now lives in the sunroom


Zep practices FUGAZI on the newly set up drum kit in the basement
not the best pic of ALF, but he is looking much healthier than last visit

Brodie  - lunch time drum break

taking a few sticks to the head in order to get Iris some practice

I was impressed to see how much Brodie is using the drums

Buster - their new dog - can't be left alone - the GREAT BEND CUPCAKE MASSACRE

Bianca made her version of pineapple seitan

with gravy!!  !

due to BRODIE's illness the trip to Dallas was cancelled, I woulda worn this shirt

maybe next year JEFF

in the GOOD NEWS dept, Ed Templeton is back skating again after a year
saw joey henry at the LORDS of Cowtown premiere - that's me filming Dennis in 1999
brains - I mean the beginnings of eggplant bbq

season and dehydrate

add BBQ sauce

serve with sweet potatos & cole slaw

on a homemade roll - delicious

Halloween rolled around - Iris was a butterfly - who was Bianca?

I took Zep out trick or treating

he was a bottle of organic Ketchup - he scored a can of Dr. Pepper at this house

momma served up bloody MUMMY DOGS

with mush monsters of mac & cheese on bed of kale
the next morning I farkled with the son of Leia
Zep & I built a bluntible at the local ditch

been wanting to skate it since this summer

outstanding sunset on the way home

Mamaman is still in the picture watching over Meowzers

Max loves to sleep in boxes... small boxes or

large boxes

even in contorted positions

that 3 legged Meowzers sure is cute...

totally capable
we hit the roller rink on my last night in town

I was there for Iris' first HOKEY POKEY
the 3rd graders made these awesome pizza slices
Zep's 5th grade made these sandwiches

Zep & I competed in the limbo
on my way out of town I stopped to have lunch with Zep at his school
and we celebrated with a fine raw dessert back on the homestead

got a much better pic of ALF on my last morning in town
Max & I were up early

thanks for all the delicious meals, BIANCA!

tentatively planning to ride my bike to see you next time from Ft Collins in the spring

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