Thursday, October 24, 2013

meanwhile in Denver

shot the MILLER's family Christmas card.....
watched BIGFISH in action

went to the creek with Ash & Jesse
caught a nice sunset on the walk back to Mott Manor

Tim showed me a prized possession

choose a deck from any era
up early on Slalom day - first stop BEET BOX for a donut
next stop - NOOCH - where I stumbled on to black bean tofu
Neat Market was next on the agenda


Met Adam from Lambert's - got a shirt!

this was the 1st Neat Market to incorporate a clothing swap!
Bianca sent me this & I had to feature it here.

hung with Martha & Ed & discussed INTO THE WILD - Mary warmed to me

Tom took right to me! - Tom & Mary - so close to Tom & Jerry
check Nooch's iG to see some video of the HK concert
ended the next day with a calzone from Marquis

jammed up to Lafayette to eat some cookies with Illya

take a good long look @ Illya's casual

saw the new META in Boulder, then got a tour of the NULL warehouse!
missed out on seeing LZ and soon I was back in the fort......

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