Tuesday, October 22, 2013

mama's tofu collective

ran into Wes on his way to work @ Mama's Tofu Collective
Travis showed him the basics & he was off on his 1st scooter ride
all smiles on his way to grab a component for the day's tofu making

with Wes off on an errand, Travis enlisted me for some help

I hold the bag & shoot photos, Travis milks the udder.

that process further strains the milk that soon gets cooked

all that work had me famished so I walked across the street to
where they feature Mama's Tofu in several of their tacos

served up on my lid with a smile

with kale & a sweet potato paste,.....plus the Mama's Tofu - grilled

everybody knows I adore a good veg taco
Thanks for sharing part of the process with me..... I'm backing Mama's HARD.... gonna help make the connection with NOOCH VEGAN MARKET....

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