Wednesday, October 2, 2013

LAUNCH old men

got to town just in time to shred with the old men

here are some clear shots that ANDY took. the crowd/me/fuzz
andy - so close on the kickflip pivot

ANGELO - first old man to arrive

Andy's old roommate - JohnBaise on the oververt

MIKE has some powerful corner grinds - made em switch later in the evening

Dave Fuller scrapping tail on the top level

Andy dug out the FEEDBAG collection from the library

SAWDUST  - man of mystery

the main thing that has changed is that I mainly travel solo these days
the little ledge got a beatdown - GLEN - slappy crooks

John Brandow - pivot to fakie
Glen flips into a 5050

Brandow bigspin to front noseslide
John kills it on the ramp too....back D

new BOULDER crew had tricks - run and jump on a blunt fakie

felt good to get front 5050's on the pool block - p:ANDY

matt - lipslide
I snuck out to get a photo of the mighty MOON

Dave Fuller - slider to fakie though the corner - p:ANDY

one of the new dudes from BOULDER / fs noseslide to fakie

fuzz - back D

FUZZ - fakie rocks the oververt / he did hang ups on it too

LBR aka Ric - pogo rock

I learned that it's RIC on the old man flyer - fs air
rob helmstetter - front D
Ric - rollout invert in - classic

Rob - feeble fakie
I'll be in town for the OCT session as well!

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