Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the main event

the rain held off for the wedding. we had to run for it at the end
I was on facetime duties with brother Bill and grannie so I didn't get any shots of THE CEREMONY.

Meredith & Tom in the safe confines of the reception

the pasta bar was going off
Meredith went with fettachini
where as I went with the penne & stirfry
hotel life - me & my watermelons

we dumped the rental car and went for a walk before breakfast at TOM's
Meredith enjoys some soy yogurt

breakfast with the close family

they brought BEET BOX muffins & donuts - I was in heaven and yes, I overdid it
and then with the primary family obligations met, I threw Meredith in the van and off we went to OLT

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