Thursday, October 3, 2013


after dropping Meredith off in DENVER, I motored to Lafayette
it was OLD MAN night at the park, & Roth was in fine form

I hadn't seen the dive & roll before

5.0 through a deep corner as Session looks on

INDY bomber
can you tell that Sessions is a little nervous here?

Sessions made an instagram video - check it @chrissessions

went to bed in the parking lot & awoke to sunlight
rode over to ILLYA's and we rode out to BOULDER
surveyed flood damage along BOULDER CREEK

by the high school

you can see how far the waters migrated up into the fields

on the way to see Sarah at school, we rolled by 955 Pleasant
lots of bike paths were still closed and being cleaned out
after the 26 mile ride, I was famished & used more of Andy's tomatos
Illya helped me swap out some bike parts

cleaned a few things

and he took a stab at properly fitting me to my bike / feels way better now
thanks, buddy! then it was time to get back to the FORT

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