Monday, October 28, 2013


I grew up skating in vans sk8 hi's. I attribute them to permanently removing all hair folicles on my lower shins. I had sk8 hi's in the late 80's, custom made chukka boots & old schools in the early 90's, & when I first to moved to San Diego in '95 I found a pair of red/white checkered slip ons that were just a little too tight. As a result those never got worn much, but I held onto them your years...liking the fact that I would see them from time to time in the closet. I hadn't worn a pair of Vans all through the 2000's until earlier this summer when ALEX bought me a pair of brown/grey slipons at a thrift store in Vancouver. Most recently I came into six random pairs and decided to do a little photo essay with them before sending most of them on to better homes in Portland.

day #1 - red/white checkered ERA's = leaves
day #2 - black/white checkered slipons = stones
day#3 - all red slipons = sparkly concrete
day#4 - purple cord Authentics = brick
day#5 - black/white checkered Authentics = dirt
day#6 - black/white Eras = grass
day#7 - brown/grey checkered slipons = steel grate
and now all together on cement
send in your guesses as to which 2 pairs remain in my employ......

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