Thursday, September 19, 2013

in bound to the fort

 I'm driving through Vernal, UT, close to the COLORADO border. I'd just seen a sign for Ray's Barber Shop, so I took that as a sign to call up Ray Bujarski and see how he's getting along. I ring him on the old home phone number and he picks up. We chat and chat and then I drive by this watermelon eating dinosaur. I swing the TRUE BLUE around the corner and jump out to take these pics as I'm still talking to Ray on the headset. Now this is a dinosaur after my own heart

1/4mile down the road I see another dinosaur
I pulled over to make some lunch

had a storm chasing me from the WEST

got to the Steamboat park before the rain
had a long soak at Strawberry Hot Springs, some of which was in the rain

this is one of the hotter pools @ Strawberry. I can't take this one for too long
thought I would soak til closing at 10pm, but left around dusk

and that moon was looking fierce
closer to town, I pulled over to take this sunset shot
slept up on RABBIT EARS PASS and got moving early

had to detour to LARAMIE cause of flood related road closures

I was impressed with the graffiti at the Laramie Skatepark

finally made it to Sweet Melissa's for lunch & chose the seitan Reuben

checked on the level of the POUDRE when I rolled into town
had a wonderful quarterly board meeting w/ the LAUNCH crew
tonight is the OLD MAN JAM that will be FUN!!!

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