Monday, September 9, 2013

food fight fest's slappy sunday

Food Fight - the legendary and pioneering vegan grocery store in Portland - just had a birthday. Not just any birthday, but they turned 10 years old & that is quite a milestone in the small business world. I was lucky enough to still be in the area for what I dubbed #foodfightfest - a massive potluck celebration that Chad & I were able to incorporate a little slappy session into... Actually we weren't sure how little or big the session would be. In retrospect, it was just the right size. Skateboarders of all ages were shredding the curb, manny spots, & the grind box from 1pm until when we left at 5:30pm. No one walked away hungry and everyone that skated took home at least a tee or beanie. I was impressed how the session brought many of the Portland skate crews together. Young, old - fresh to hesh, it seemed to be that a broad representation of the Portland skate scene made an appearance.

Had no luck enlisting a filmer for the documentation, so I did my best with this 3 minute iPhone edit.

Klich & Kenny take a break in the command center after set up

Emiko & my sandwich during the singing of HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Chad in the top left hand corner during the singing of HAPPY BDAY
no shortage of full bellies - mac & cheese & watermelon & so much more

Kerry & Klich stickered up the grind box
Kenny Coombs - manual no comply out
Jesse Ozol - front crunt

Emil works out the kicks on a front slider

high speed fakie ollie nosegrind

front tailslide fakie

Chris, Chad, Emiko, & Canteen Brian

I'm looking forward to Jeff's photos - I just found some....see below

I was sorta hoping that MATT would skate p:jeff rules

James with the slappy of the day - p:jeff rules

Jivaro Mike was on the scene - p:jeff rules

Kenny - uptons - Klich - p:jeff rules

Kerry Weber nearly snapping his deck on what looks like a front lipslide p:jeff rules
Meshaud gets the sticker box passed to him from Josh Herbivore p:jeff rules

the swag was plentiful - thanks for the support skateboarding p:jeff rules
Josh was the first on the scene - backside slap attack

Kerry - double fisting the potluck - veganskateblog

Mikey was raging all afternoon - but couldn't quite pull the kfbsts

klich in a compressed format

fakie ollie nosegrinder from KLICH on his early 90's setup

Klich speedy front boardslide while Coombs manny's in the background p:monica

Kyle Knight Johnson exiting a 5.0 grind with me in the background p:monica

Brian Heck nearly gets taken out by the krookie monster

Kyle Knight Johnson 50-50 to lipslide

the security camera on the building caught this mallgrabber

Paul Curtis & I last met on the Coalatree Farm this year

met a new vegan skater - james was raging

Spencer won the NATE JONES award - super smooth style
Josh - nollie front 5.0

Sean Conley with some of that new age flip out stuff

Klich's boss - Sean front noseslide on the flag pole

Kevin Willrick with the day's ENDER - drop in 5050 down the stairs
and the mash up - one hell of a good time

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  1. hey kevin it's sean conley.
    just found these shots, and the iphone edit. great stuff man!