Wednesday, July 10, 2013

karen saves the day

One of my big plans for Ft Collins was to do some sewing repairs at Hammertime. But when I learned about the demise of Hammertime from Karen, I didn't quite know what to do. I stopped by a few seamstresses, but they were all booked up with wedding season. I found a place called Mama Said Sew that rented time on their machines, but I am not proficient enough to do the work myself.

Finally on my last night there, I saw Karen at the Co-op and she generously offered to help me at Mama Said Sew the next day after Bike to Work events.
we met up at the Co-op and walked over rent time on the machine
first up were my blown out swim trunks where we put in a panel
lastly she put this patch on a butt blowout on my shorts

she's been sewing since she was 7 and quite a perfectionist

success! so many thanks, KAREN.
check out the new and improved trunks!
picked up a leftover hat from the co-op western theme breakfast bar too

with a few moments to spare we got her over to see the free box

1st she was gonna take a beanie, then went for a magic magnet
And then it was time for Karen to get to work and for me to blow out of town. I owe ya big time, Karen. Rainbow here I come.

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