Wednesday, July 10, 2013

bike to work day

 Initially I was gonna leave the Fort on Sunday after meditation, but then I heard about the historic bike ride on TUES. Then I heard about Bike to Work day and all the rad breakfast stations around town so I decided to stay till Wed and see how many breakfast stations I could hit.

stop #1 after my morning ride on the north end of town
1st and only bike wreck of the day

stop # 2 had a full breakfast, but nothing vegan

except some tea - lemonade combo that I enjoyed
stop #3 was the jam! - the Ft. Collins Food Co-Op went off

look at that spread!

it's essentially gravy for the uninitiated

oh yeah... klich would be in heaven

they had a WILD WEST theme and a local horse named Ella came to hang

stop #4 was at the New Belgium brewery for a donut bar
again not vegan, but I had fruit and granola
stop #5 grabbed some grapes and banana

this guy was riding in style. I wonder if that's his commuter bike?

I put in some miles over the course of the morning
stop #6 - i tried out all the cargo bags for the new bike

free dry boxes

stop #7 at the Gear Garage where I should have looked harder for a tent

stop # 8 at Brave New Wheel where I got some tools and lock

stop #9 at the oval on CSU
stop # 10 along Spring Creek trail

stop # 11 on the Mason trail

got to kick it with Smokey since the forest service was a sponsor
stop #12 was a gold mine at Whole Foods
burrito bar + smoothies, OJ, and zico coconut water, etc
stop #13 was sponsored by a yoga studio

and they made me some vegan GF pancakes on the spot!

stop #14 had a luau theme

stop #15 was lackluster so I went back to plunder at WF
15 stops seems legit so I jammed back to the van to meet up with Angelo.
Angelo & his whip - we kicked it the rest of the morning
and a wrap up photo collage

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