Monday, July 15, 2013

moose quest

Alaska is over there somewhere
I picked up Stephan a French hitchhiker and farm fish worker

he was good luck, cause we sighted a grizzly straight away
and there it was......ALASKA.... finally made it

Stephan hopped out in TOK, bound to get a ride into Valdez
rained a bit

the ALCAN highway ends in Delta Junction

got a little PIPELINE education
and then there it was.... a moose.
I've been wanting to see a moose in the wild for years now.... Last year my hopes were high in Yellowstone, but I was left empty handed. Glacier - nothing... Grand Tetons - only bison.... It took coming to Alaska to finally see one....and this was just the 1st.... I saw three others this same day.... now it's a matter of course... Saw one on my bike this morning in Earthquake Park here in Anchorage.....
can't get to Fairbanks without driving through the North Pole

cool mural in Fairbanks

love this native mosaics at the Cultural and Info center
a beaver was swimming down the Chena River one morning.

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  1. That moose looks a bit like a fattened, elongated Everett, sans the full-on beard. I'm having loss-of-Tubby pangs now. :/