Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nimrod & Jerry Johnson

Nimrod Warm Spring is on the way into Missoula, right off I-90. Kenny & I missed it last year.
warm water flows from the mountain, around a bend

and into this large lagoon. crystal clear

the waterfall enters the lagoon

deep enough for a flip
I got into Missoula and it was HOTTTTTTTTTTTT. unloaded my RAINBOW recycling/refuse run. Refueled @ the Good Food Store and headed out to Jerry Johnson Hot Springs, just over the border in Idaho. Kenny & I went right by here last year, but it was on fire and off limits so we went to Weir.

found some flowers for Rachel

you start the hike at this foot bridge across the river
it's really wide so I'm glad I didn't have to ford this one
As I got deeper into the hike there was plenty of burn evidence

whole parts of the hike were blazed

but there were plenty of signs of rebirth
Warm Creek was pretty high, but Jerry Johnson didn't disappoint

hot waterfall


cold soak right on the other side of the hot water
slept back in Missoula and had a great morning ride along the river

sun coming over the mountains. maybe next year I'll get lucky with Jeff Ament's bowl
skatepark tour - up next

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