Tuesday, July 9, 2013


before the session, I tracked down my cousin MATT @ his new job
stopped by the FOOD COOP and the gal was making buttons

Karen made me some special buttons

and she turned out to be involved with the Hammertime Project
 Karen was super connected and invited me to a concert at the art gallery where Hammertime Project was now residing. Turns out they are losing the space and this was going to be their last event.
excited to see containers being reused for bulk items
Avo's makes their own tempeh now!

after the session, I biked over to the show Karen told me about

didn't catch her name, but it was nice

this fella asked my permission to play...imagine that
all good things come to an end. hopefully there will be a rebirth

the lending library was amazing

the zine library looked a bit picked over, but I was glad to take one last look

so much rich literature

so much knowledge to soak up

I found this in the free bin and it turned out to be what I thought it would be
a handful of copies of the latest SLINGSHOT - highly recommended
I called it a night after saying my mental goodbyes to a wonderfully giving organization and ideal. Chatted up Karen who was working the door and then back to the van for some shut eye.

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