Wednesday, July 10, 2013

bits & pieces

ended up at the ELC one morning on my ride

took a minute to look around

lots of trails and learning ops
cool bike bridge on the west side of town

I'd eat breakfast in the library park with the squirrels

finally saw the SUPER MOON - a couple days late
rad alley mural

rode by the apt I shared with both John Boyd & Heidi Sheehan

 I asked a guy for a cherry & he emptied a 1/4 of his bag on me!

always have to get a falafel @ Yum YUM's
riding through old town one night I heard some MJ
couldn't decide at Tasty Harmony

sat next to White Owl
i love hanging out at Bean Cycle/wolverine book store

hung with Brad and Max one evening

read all 10

went to see MUD primarily to see the kid wearing the FUGAZI tee

linked up briefly with Chris Weichert

drove back down to Denver to get a bike I'd been looking for
got the GRINDER at WaterCourse and was impressed!

took TIM's recommendation and skated NorthGlenn

the bowl is right up my alley