Tuesday, July 16, 2013


got out early on the bike the 1st morning in ANCHORAGE

and found a well stocked LITTLE FREE LIBRARY

I watched the film in KS, so I figure I should read the book

rode across town to check the 2nd little free library in town

love the moose on the exterior. I like Barbara & haven't read this one, so!
hung out @ the Organic Oasis & tried the Hula burger

 The last time I shaved was at the Shambhala Mountain Center back on July 2nd. I didn't think about shaving until I was in Alberta, and at the time I thought it would be appropriate to go Grizzly Adams until I got out of Alaska. Well, I couldn't hack it and shaved while in Anchorage.
the Cook Inlet with downtown Anchorage on the top right

rode out to Earthquake Park to get a little education

1964 things changed

big landslide

and tsunamis went out and clobbered Seward & Valdez

rad neighborhood sign
went to the University to see a storyteller

got some good vittles at The Natural Pantry

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