Sunday, July 14, 2013


my mom & her family vacationed here in the 60's.

glad I stopped by. I feel like her & I bonded

this dog had no care in the world on the floor of the fancy hotel

I swabbed off my bloody feet in the icy waters of Louise
down the road to Lake Moraine for lunch
one big log jam at the outflow

and then the wildlife started coming out of the woodwork. ELK
that's the back of my first grizzly bear - was walking with cubs that I didn't see
a ram with full horns out on a solo run

black bear out by himself, chowing on wildflowers

then into the ice fields

high mountain glaciers

those snow ridges must be 50 feet high - I don't want to be around when they let go

do you see the twisted patterns in the rock?

the ALCAN highway begins in Dawson Creek

i love the bridges

don't love the massive coal operations

some of the bridges have wood surfacing

Down to Earth in Ft. Nelson, BC, was heaven sent.

their POWER BALLS were out of this world!

beautiful blue water lakes

the Toad River

recap of the lakes

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