Sunday, July 14, 2013

Montana skatepark jewels

St. Ignatius was the first stop - nollie
I'll go so far as to say that ALL tobacco destroys the spirit & certainly the lungs

relearned the no handed nosepick

little Smith grinder

seeing the mighty Flathead Lake coming down the hill into Polson
I enjoy a good one footer from time to time - POLSON stop #2

check out that bald spot!
I jumped in Flathead Lake after skating
Kenny & I skipped Kalispell last time. no handed nosepicker

met up with Kolby Zugg a pal of Keith Moser's
ollie the hip
the kids are pretty clever in Kalispell

hard to beat this piece
Kolby back smith - the cops do write tickets for no helmet
another nosepicker at the final park of the day - Whitefish
swam out to the dock in Whitefish Lake
stopped at Dickey Lake before entering CANADA.
so the final tally for the day - 4 skateparks, 3 lake swims, and before the day ended 1 hot spring soak - details in the next post

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