Wednesday, July 10, 2013

shambhala mountain center

headed out of Ft Collins and up the Poudre Canyon

tunnels are fun no matter what the size

gotta love those clouds against the BLUE sky

is that a good spot to swim? i did take a cold dip

I love driving the canyon roads
Andy and few others recommended that I stop by here

I found this a little hypocritical when I learned they serve meat
approaching the world famous stupa

the closer you get, the more ornate it becomes

stepping inside
the seeds of the pomegranate on the floor routinely get kicked around.

and now for a little background info
the detail in the ceiling is amazing
looking out from the stupa entryway
I found this little shaded meditation circle to be very calming

this temple is a bit further up the valley
met Jill from North Park at the evening lecture

found this water fountain to be ingenious
took my morning ride on the dirt road outside the property
grabbed a shower and some oatmeal - see McCracker's flax on there!
and then I was off... next stop Saratoga Hot Springs in Wyoming

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