Monday, July 15, 2013


the road to Manley had me chasing a moose
I gave my soaking money directly to Gladys Dart
had some time to kill before my 8pm soak time
was NOT expecting the outhouse to be decorated

much less with all my favorite cat photos

what a pleasant surprise
not sure where the source is, but this creek flows next to the

greenhouse where the soaking pools are located
never been to a hot spring inside a greenhouse before

the water was hotter that I would prefer but it felt great after such a bone rattling drive
rode into town the next morning

was up earlier than normal

saw a bush plane land on the tiny airfield
4 minutes later, it was taking off again???
 Had another quick soak before driving out and on to Chena Hot Springs to the east of Fairbanks.
Chena's outdoor HOT LAKE was pretty neat.

thank goodness for the cool water sprayer in the center

they said normally it's about 104, but this day it was @ 108

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