Monday, July 15, 2013


driving out of Fairbanks things really open up

75 miles north, the DALTON HIGHWAY begins

it goes all the way to Prudhoe Bay and follows the Alaska Pipeline

it's mainly dirt and lots of truck travel it - see the pipeline on the right

coming down the hill to the mighty Yukon River

notice the wood decking
this is the only bridge that crosses the YUKON River in Alaska
no one told me you get a CERTIFICATE for entering the Arctic Circle

the gal above is growing a small garden at her outpost

I made my lunch and the lady was impressed

the pipeline after it crosses the Yukon River
learned about the area

met 2 gals from Santa Ana traveling in a tricked out Sprinter
even saw cyclists on the DALTON

it goes up and down... some steep hills with plenty of pot holes

I drove right over the pipeline
I made it without blowing a tire so I celebrated with Ranier cherries

stoked on many levels

another 120 miles back to the junction to head to Manley Hot Springs
still no blown tires!

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