Monday, July 15, 2013


rode my bike to the botanical garden - there are bottles in that wall

the dome the EDGEMONTERs want to build

a university garden where I was able to grab a few choice cuts

at the co op I saw this flyer for the summer lecture series @ UAF

Ed Plumb gave a marvelous presentation on packrafting
I broke out my Aunt Mary's homemade salsa!
First Nation dance presentation at the Cultural Center

the best I could find for a skatepark...let's take a closer look

that's one of the harsher obstacles I've seen

The Pita Place was my best food find in Fairbanks

the make their own pitas and this has the WORKS on it!

out of this world! ! !

this one's for SAWDUST
tried the new butterscotch soda from REEDs at the CO OP
I  have to hand it to the CO OP - I spent a lot of time there on the computer working on blogs. They were kind and helpful and have only been open since MAY. I'm so glad they are there.


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  2. I've done probably 4-5 demos and mini-skatecamps at that skatepark in Fairbanks. My dad lives there and I have been up there probably 30+ times in my life. That park is awesome! Also have brought up Stacy Lowery, Mike V, Jason Adams and Svitak before as well. Good times.