Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rainbow 2013

I rolled into this meadow and it is where I called home for the next 5 days
plenty of ways to help out

quality signage in the parking lot

kitty at breakfast circle

little bear yawns after a nap

When we return the stuff we find, good things happen cause we are kind

Scrappy took a liking to me later in the week
I sat next to Angela at Breakfast Circle - turns out she's from North Park!

this river was my bathtub for the week - nice and chilly, I mean refreshing

this guy had two other siblings in the truck just as big as he

hopefully Halleran sees that the flying V made it

Ken Olsen?

a gorgeous view on one of my morning bike rides

the parrot and me

cute puppy

Walken was there
went on a edible plant walk

spent most afternoons on the trail with the freebox and the SHAKE & BAKE sign

more cats

rad vans everywhere

Rogue was staying one camp over
watch over the little hippies
up in the tree fort
cats on leashes fascinate me
the long hike into the MAIN MEADOW

my first foray into campfire quinoa cooking

was a little tricky,

but turned out fine for my simple needs

scrappy & turtle up by the sweat lodge

my last morning ride at Rainbow

took me out to Van Houten Lake
On my way out, I picked up Jesse and took him to Anaconda


  1. Fantastic, Wow, This Rainbow
    Thing, How Cool!

    1. glad you saw that, Charlie... i assume you didn't make it this year?