Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'm a sucker for the wildflowers
last bit of the SUPER MOON
if it wasn't for these French Canadians, I would have missed Poudre Falls
the water really gets constricted here

more of a cascade than a big falls

and it continues on down the pass

Cameron Pass - where I snowshoed with Ben Looram in 1993
once headed North I started seeing lots of bike tourers

and then I arrived at the springs
wasn't sure what to make of this place from the book, but I was impressed

the source keeps this main pool plenty hot

totally free and right in town adjacent to the town pool
a newer, slightly cooler pool which in the heat of the day proved too hot
stopped for a few turns at the brand new LANDER, WY skatepark

swimming trunks pivot to fakie

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