Sunday, July 14, 2013

sign post forest

I didn't know what to make of this place at first - Lake Watson, YT
it's MASSIVE and started in 1942
IN & OUT OF LOVE is my favorite jovi song....
 I sat down & ate lunch and just started looking over all the signs. Certain things just started popping out at me.
Ms/ Rachel Wooda
the back entrance with some history

first I saw WICHITA

just a few posts over was FT COLLINS
and it took some doing, but I found a really creative SAN DIEGO

family's put a lot of work into some of these!

I thought about posting up the SHAKE & BAKE sign, but I just couldn't

this one's for my main man, ZEP.

so I posted up a sticker by malaysian SPITFIRE and blueberry
lots of construction delays out there. we had a little party

nomad gal has been motoing for 14 months now

stopped by Whirlpool Canyon
all these wood was ejected from the river during a high water episode

no shortage of glorious views
stopped at a mountain bakery and found a book exchange

Nikki was an angel

the swallows were coming in for a closer look

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