Tuesday, July 9, 2013


after the recycling tour, I met up with Taylor & Jaeson @ the Spring Canyon skatepark

Jaeson Manzanares stand up grind in one of the gnarliest skatepark pools I've ever ridden.
Jaeson kicks out a frontside air

Taylor Dehart - frontside tailblock
Jaeson would start his runs by front blunting this
driving up to the Horsetooth Reservoir
dam view from the beginning of the trail to the swim spot
up and over

getting closer
it gets steep in spots

Taylor brought snacks

real steep in some parts
super anxious to be in the water at this point

this is the spot - with a view of Horsetooth ROCK
can you see Horsetooth Rock? top left corner?

not too cold at all! thanks for sharing your spot, Taylor!

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