Sunday, July 14, 2013


so long USA
easy border crossing
hello Canada, eh?
I noticed that the Kootenay River seemed awfully high & the radio was talking about all the flooding in Calgary
hey, why worry? the scenery is great.
well, that could mean anything; may was well proceed.
the road was really rough and slow going

made it through the partial wash out OK

then another warning sign, but I kept going

the road got really bad, then there was this and I stopped
impassable, but the good thing was, the hot spring was just passed the washout
people had been there and rebuilt since the flood

temperatures were luke warm at best in the water

but after that drive and all the worry, I wasn't complaining!
I slept in the van on the road, and planned to soak again in the morning.
went out and rode the rough road for my morning ride

found a different pool in the morning light
had a terrific soak

wasn't looking forward to getting back down the mountain

my biggest fear was that this spot would have eroded more over night, but I got out fine.
and on to Lussier!

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