Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Granite Falls

 From Lander, I had a choice to make. Go north to Thermopolis, or west to Granite Falls. I think I chose right in going out to Granite Falls.

this way I got to see the Tetons again
the bison were thick
crossed the Snake River once through Jackson Hole
on the drive in to Granite Falls, I got close and parked for the night

was up early and out for my ride

pretty chilly, but gorgeous out....

I found the falls

then looked across the river to the hot springs
and this is where I got scared. I knew I had to ford the river, but it looked too FAST
I scouted further down stream and went up to where I saw a camper getting ready for the day. In talking to him, my optimism was renewed and I got wet and made the crossing.
it was hard to relax with the mix of hot and cold water

plus the fact that I had to get back across the river
 It was worth it, and I'm glad I did it, because it was a highly unusual soak. A lower river would make this more relaxing.
Once on the other side, I played fetch with Ranger
just a 1/4 mile up the road is the developed pool, but it didn't open for 30 mins
i hiked out the easy way towards the waterfall springs. can you see that orange speck?

river doesn't look so menacing from so far away

alternate view of the waterfall
this soak was relaxing + it had shade while I was there!

the hot source
ended the morning with a Nestea Plunge
Barrels & Bins in Driggs, ID, was awesome

I love the fact that put so much emphasis on bulk

next door is the old fashion soda fountain - no vegan ice cream

from back in the day
Driggs Skatepark pivot to fakie

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