Wednesday, July 10, 2013

seaman reservoir

Andy drove Matt and I up the canyon
down the gang plank

alcohol & swimming & cliff jumping don't mix

This is where the hike begins
one bridge to cross
last look of the Poudre
pretty wild flowers
we didn't see any rattlers

up the road and out into the sticks
didn't have to climb that thing.
this way
finally the DAM

hoofin it up the dam elevation
saw a few kids jumping down there..

but we wanted the real cliff!
saw some bikes stashed way up on the trail. andy knew the dudes

and then we were there!

Matt scopes the high point
then he flipped off it
I chose the lower ledge for the backflip

my top rope front flip started out looking good

but soon turned not so pretty
after the long hike in, the water felt great!
I was curious how fast I could swim out to the island

at first I thought 10 mins, but soon revised that to 5 mins

turns out it only took 2 mins 15 secs

drying off and prepping for the hike out
all the flips blew out my swim trucks......

part of the area burned last year
almost back to the dam
saw this bull snake back in Gateway Park

thanks for taking us ANDY... it was a day to remember!

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