Tuesday, July 9, 2013


was so pleased to be able to attend an old fart night
andy got the 1st carve up the new addition
outside the creative center
a creation inside the creative center

walk into to find Roth & Fuller had driven up from Boulder
didn't take long for the session to get going...Neil carve grind
I hadn't done a back D revert in a while

Roth punched out to tail.
Roth got the MVP award for this Crailslide on the oververt
I took some time to get creative and upgrade my sleeping quarters

a few cuts & a few screws

final product is a wider sleeping birth

Roth's best attempt at a Salad Grind
Bailey, a bunch of Bourne, JJ, Karma, Bourne, Julien, JT
the hang out session went later than the skating

Inspriation art made with old VHS box covers

the magazine library
 super stoked on LAUNCH       a good clip of what LAUNCH IS       some video here.....

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