Wednesday, October 3, 2012

hot spring tour 2012 begins

Stop #1 Weir Hot Springs - a little too hot for a long soak

but the setting was outstanding - Ken ponders why Jerry Johnson was closed

Ken needed the soak

rejuvenating with steam and not much smoke from the fires

the trail in and out was obstructed but not too far.
we found loads of free roadside fruit in central IDAHO
Ken's road wrap

veg taco
Ken slept outside without the tent outside McCall. Bad idea...
last year I'd heard about a bowl in McCall in the shape of Idaho

Ken gets a large back D in the Idaho Bowl!
Stop #2 - Trail Creek Hot Spring - one of the best of the tour

Ken soaks in solitude w/ cold water control!

loving it!

lay back, stay awhile, enjoy!

this fella got in my bag in search of scoobie snacks.
Stop #3 - Sugah aka 16 Mile Hot Spring

This second pool was way to hot, but the main pool was doable.
looking for Molly's felt like I was in the Blair Witch Project
Stop #4 Mollie's Hot Spring

this is where Ken began his geothermal engineering career

after increasing the hot water flow, he got to draining the pool for cleaning
after working past dark, ken made it back for dawn patrol at Mollie's

thumbs up all the way around - check my sweat!

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