Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Went by Freedom & the told us to go to Himal Chuli

Freedom also hipped us to the Dust Bowl. Jeffrey told us, they hooked it up.
the drunk guy on the deck was our host.

Steve tried a new technique to sleep that night.
woke up at the Oshkosh Skatepark to the breakfast of champions
a few tricks before John & Aaron showed up. VDIEO
he gave it quite a few tries, but came up short...  VIDEO
Johnny with the half cab to boardslider

Red Granite quarry was John's hot tip of the month
steve was more into taking photos, BUT....   VIDEO
John was a little apprehensive about showing off his flip.   VIDEO
Aaron from Sky High dives into John's ear.

we convoyed south & went directly to Cream City Skatepark

Jeff Chase recently build this sweet spine ramp.

Bill schooled me on the ping pong table.
I peeled off and went for an overpriced meal in the burbs.

Linked back up with Steve, Heather, & John at their pad
left over satanism from the 2011Halloween party extraordinare

Hanging on the mortuary roof was a good time.!
Pizzaface slept with me for a bit.
next morning Steve got familiarized with John's work

who makes the better Sand Raider, Steve or John?
Finally met Mark Zitzer @ Phase II!

I was lucky to go to the Turf in 1992.

We were sorry we couldn't stick around for this.

but TIM of Tim & Eric fame, premiered their part for us.
a couple of slices and we were off to CHICAGO>

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