Thursday, September 6, 2012

the Denver wrap up

Shane & Amy were the reason to come back to DENVER
Their buddy Devin made a huge vegan spread for the North Atlantic
the next morning I rode to NOOCH for a breakfast fundraiser

my van man buddy, Ed Woodsen, surprised me!

a beautiful Bhurmese mountain DOG. Been seeing them everywhere!
Ran into some 35th Ave FEDERAL WAY youth

Cassius packs it up from the Denver park
Paid a visit to Jerry Simpson, just like Bill wanted me to....
Jerry in one of his uncomfortable chairs

 Two of many assemblage pieces by Jerry Simpson
I got the full tour... Lunch boxes galore

Andre the Giant & Ralpie from Christmas Story bobbleheads.
Jerry overlooks I-25 from his rooftop deck. Grapes everywhere.
I figured he must be home if the VW BUG was out front!

I attended HANNAH's one year party!
Visited Amie at the VEGAN VAN once more
I saw Matt in Ft. Collins & saw Yvonne & Erin Peters in Littleton
Yvonne made the best GUACAMOLE!
Erin is a jovial storyteller
It took a little doing, but I got the gals out on a walk.

Erin & I on top of the red rocks that I recalled from my childhood

hit the swing set for a few minutes
Stopped and saw Josh one more time. Meet Mack. Belljar CD

Stopped by Sputnik & sampled the Jackfruit tacos.
walked across the street & found HOBO, except it was signed, new, & $100 - so I keep looking

picked up some TEFF only injera from these guys on Colfax

went to the CHOMP montly vegan feast @ Green Spaces
cooked a big batch of quinoa salad for the road, hugged Rori goodbye, and hit the road for BOULDER.
I never thought this day would come.... but as of 4:21pm on SEPT 6th, 2012.. the blog is running in real time... I'm current and it's a good feeling!

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