Monday, September 3, 2012

JOYLAND revisited....

I'd only seen Schane once since I first landed back in Wichita. I pinned her down for Date Night and kept the activity a secret. She kept the date and we had a Joyland!
We penetrated the abandoned amusement park known as Joyland.
some solo bumper car action

in front of the loading area for the wooden roller coaster

the wacky shack was like riding in a cart thru a haunted house.

This was the most THRILLING part of the night.

Schane tested the waters and went 1st.    VIDEO
She coaxed me into using the soda crate; it was a wild ride  VIDEO

Schane tries her hand at selling ride tickets....
I said it before and I'll say it again....
I know there is some sorta fairy tale associated w/ this shoe

as dilapidated as it was, it sure felt a little creepy, especially at dusk
this is the best shot of the rollercoaster I could get.

Logjamming was the name of the porno in Big Lebowski

Didn't see this sign until our way out.
the main entrance sign on Hillside
FOUND this cool video....

waited a few more minutes and got a shot with the moon

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