Wednesday, September 12, 2012

into the mountains

I love driving the mountain roads.  Especially the canyon from Golden to Idaho Springs.
going into one of many tunnels on the drive to Steamboat

I forgot to hold my breath

The Eisenhower Tunnel goes under the Continental Divide into Summit Cty.
One would be hard pressed to hold their breath through it.
Got into Steamboat and went to Strawberry after a shop visit.

I wasn't prepared for how hot the water was. They redirected flows

and parts that were once cool and now hot!. Naked after dark
doggies in the back of trucks always makes me nervous

pushed down the bike path to get to....
the killer newish skatepark on the outskirts of Steamboat.

found local melons at the farmer's market on the way out of town.

took a new route in the spirit of my Uncle Bud.

The Colorado River Road offered many breathtaking views.

lovely, everywhere you looked, traveling at river level most of the time.
ate lunch with a gorgeous view & my feet in the river

the lunch spot from higher up
happy to be on roads less traveled

lots of spots in the road had ominous overhangs

caught a train plugging through the mountains

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