Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coalatree Organics

Andy at Launch tipped me off about a rad spot in Central Colorado called Coalatree Organics. I was planning on going out there and just drop in. But while skating at Carbondale, I met Matt, the farm manager and team rider for the clothing company. We made a plan to meet on the farm at 9am on Monday morning.
right on the banks of the Colorado River - chickens on the hillside
an inquisitive & powerful animal

the flag flies on the banks of the Colorado

this tiny house needs some work in my estimation
Matt lures the bull back into his pen with fresh picked cabbage
nick the goat and his pal the BULLY BULL BULL
I rigged up some improvised broomstick coping
the broom bristles are blocking the shot....what up?
I skated the dilapidated mini ramp in Palisades - real bad shape
Matt loaded me up with veggies for the road..... My intention was to make a big feast at Aaron's pad.
Thanks for showing me around, MATT.....!

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