Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

Clare met me at Clint's Bakery then we went to work at..
Old Man Berkin's book store/this cassette installation is terrific
went for a walk by the river and met Griffin
Jake shows Piper a few moves at the Silverthorne park

a couple a cute girls hanging on the flatbar.
this is a memento for Harvey Sid Fisher & the Blue River tubin brigade
ran errands the next morning and saw this at the local burrito spot!

thought we were in the right place for the DUCK RACE

but all the fun was going on down river....
we saw enough.. the skateboarding duck won the race.
Piper & Rori at the FINISH LINE.
Clare met us at the races soon after the above picture was taken.....Soon after that.... it was time to drive back down to Denver for a special vegan engagement........

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