Thursday, September 6, 2012

wild riders of boards

Skated with Jeff Wastell at Tim's one sunny afternoon

Tim stomped a flying sweeper!
And lays into one of the meanest Smith grinds....
at session #2 Tim laidback in the deep end

Jessie the pool house lab is an angel.

Always nice to see Ernie Torres.
Went to see Sessions & Roth and most of Creature was there.

Darren Navarette.... classic backside air

Roth layback frontside
Sessions looks on as Willis Kimbel smacks a Madonna
Taylor Bingaman - no handed nosepick
Al frontside tailblock
As the lights were about to shut off, AL went to work on the sliver

The pivot to fakie didn't take long to dial in.   VIDEO
Darren backin up his boy!. Ed Dominick got the angle!
Kevin Furlong front blunt....

Furlong with the back tail - Gordon & Fuzz look on.

Crisis FUZZ - fakie into the grab - tug to fakie...

Gordon from CRUZ was in town - fakie to fakie frontside

Lazer in the best trick jam for Jam.
Sessions floats a transfer at Arvada

Arvada offers many places to pivot fakie...
Emag showed us how to ride the new Wheatridge park  VIDEO
Pivot fakies feel so much better on pool coping.

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