Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the FORT

Driving in from Nebraska, I had a phone conversation with Heidi, my friend and former roommate at CSU. She mentioned how she was trying to shed a few pounds so I challenged her to a 15lb weight loss. See who can get there fastest. Not focusing on the winner, but supporting each other to both drop the weight.

1st stop was the Bean Cycle's community board
I learned about the re-purposed art show at the USED building supply store.

Restocked Eric & the fellas @ The Market
Saw that they had Greg Harbour's new board!
Tasty Harmony is closed on MON, so I went to Rainbow!

Rode out to Hammertime Projects twice on MONDAY

Played a game of Farkel and donated a set to the coop.
the info-shop / library

the sign for SEAMS their sewing center
so much good stuff awaits at Hammer Time!

on the way over to Matt's I liberated a few veggies from here.
tossed the football around in the backyard w/ Matt.

cooked at feast in his kitchen.

met his roomies and tried my hand at slacklining...
Hung w/ Sean Kelly that night
Met Matt early to play the new disc golf course in town
Got a tour of the LAUNCH facility from Andy.
Drove with him to tour the skatepark build on the southside

went to late lunch at Tasty Harmony & selected the RawMa
Skated with Benny's buddy John from Fairplay.

Met local Kyle Knight Johnson.      VIDEO     VIDEO

Sean Kelly double axle grinder in one helluva steep pool

Sean smithers near the doorway.
pivot to fakie in a weird spot.
that night I met up with former roommate, John Boyd, & we walked all over campus.

We met up early to play the new course.

I didn't let him warm up and away he drives...

one can improve their game from playing with John.  CHAINS

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