Monday, September 3, 2012


Met JP from Rhett @ the Owlery for dinner!

can you see my reflection? look closely

i missed out on vegan poutine in Vancouver, so we got some to start the meal.
late night dvd transaction at Rhett!
le chocolate moose! homemade local ice cream

it was packed on a hot summer night!

2 scoops please!
the next morning JP drove us out into the woods
we hiked for a half mile or so...

and arrived at the Homewoods bowl!
deep in the cuts and featured in the INDY tour dvd
JP's roomie Chris carve grinded the stairs frontside for the 1st time!
JP tore it up... 5.0   VIDEO

rad bike jump into the pond
JP blasts backside up the mighty wallride at the Bloomington Skatepark

token INDIANA pivot to fakie
Big thanks to JP for showing me around....I sure wish Chris Center would have been around to be part of the fun.   next stop stl. 

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