Sunday, September 2, 2012


I was itching to get out of trendy & convoluted Brooklyn, NY....and bailed out one night with the hopes of avoiding traffic...

Second Nature was the 1st stop of the day. Killer wheel/truck display
Jeff @ Day One with his personal dvd collection
The Stand in Fairfiled, CT was a welcome stop!
I met with Tony @ Gabriel's ball game! swing batter, swing!
Gabriel has baseball in his blood!
I broke away from the ballgame to get dinner & desert!
Tony and Kevin - a portrait of two businessmen.
the Ramos clan does some last minute packing for CA!!

Mariela was hyped to show off her bedroom.
Tony was off to take the fam to the airport then hit the office!
I drove down to Soltice to hang with Jay.
Was psyched to get to go here....
Got a sizable burrito and a local root beer.
I didn't even know New Bedford had a DIY spot!
had to get a photo of the red/white/blue center line.
First stop in Boston _ Orchard

Broderick on the ramp.
glorious board wall
they even had my buddy, Marke Newton's guest Magenta board
Peace O Pie's calzone!
Vegan Dan joined me for dinner, but I was the only taker for FoMu!

That night I stayed with an old family friend, Jeff Colbert!
Jeff and his family at their place outside Boston.
Hit a few more shops across MASS - Dave @ Credo!
 maybe I should have called this entry, RI & MASS.     the state of New York is up next ....

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