Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Glenwood Springs

I wasn't sure I could ride all the way to Hanging Lake, but I went for it
it's a modern marvel how they made the interstate in the canyon
this display illustrates some of the challenges engineers overcame

the sign to Hanging Lake with hydroelectric output back to the river
close up of the discharge back into the river from water that makes electricity
the turbines are housed in this building
next year I'm getting on a raft and will brave some whitewater
this dam sits at the front end of the Hanging Lake parking area

I made it to the trailhead for Hanging Lake.
took a few bench breaks on the ride back. my butt was sore
rad vantage point over I-70
an exterior view of Glenwood Hot Springs
I was able to circumvent the traditional means of entry

had a great conversation with fellow van lifer, JOE, over rice & beans
found a pirate book in Centennial Park - perfect for the FREE BOX
was up bright & early and soaked @ South Canyon

hot as usual so I spent more time picking up trash than soaking

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